Sunny Days + Pulled Pork = A “Duh!” Combo.

"Suns out, guns out."

And that saying has nothing to do with this post, I just really like it. Anywho…

Summer has decided to stick around a lot longer than we Washingtonians expected. And as long as its doing so, why not have a good summer lunch with that sunshine? Pulled pork, slaw & fries are my ideal summer meal. Or at least, one of them. (Let a girl have more than one favorite, hah!) 

On Thursdays & most Fridays, I nanny a cute little guy named Jasper, or sometimes we like to call him Baby J. Today we visited his mom at U Village for lunch and decided to walk over to Grace Kitchen. I can’t say much about the atmosphere inside because Molly, J & I took full advantage of the weather & perched ourselves on their outside patio. But what I can say is - That pulled pork sandwich was excellent AND they serve Stumptown coffee. Badaboom, badabang

Molly & I split the sandwich and this salad; we didn’t have any of the sandwich leftover, and both left feeling satisfied - but we did have a lot of the salad left. Sad to say it, but it wasn’t our favorite. We ordered the goat cheese & beet salad & it was literally just that. Cheese + Beets + Greens. Not the most flavorful salad in the world, but the sandwich, luckily, made up for its lack. 

Here are my cute lunch dates! Molly & Baby J eating fries. 

Overall, I enjoyed Grace Kitchen. I was looking over their breakfast & brunch menu - and it looks pretty good. I’m a HUGE breakfast fan, so I will be heading back there for their bacon pancakes (yep - bacon!) or their goat cheese, spinach & roasted tomato scramble (served with cheesy grits & toast). Good, right?! 

So if you ever find yourself in the U Village & just need a good sandwich, head over to Grace Kitchen. They’ve got what you need! 

Name: Grace Kitchen // Location: University Village