Yep. You read it here. Unfortunately, one of the restaurants I reviewed has just closed shop! I don’t know all the details, but they opened up tons of other restaurants in place of GK.

Check out the link here by Seattle Met to read more!

Aloha spirit meets the Puget Sound.

"Marination broke da mout, brah!" 

That’s pidgin for,get your bootay over to Marination Ma’Kai on Alki & eat some food.

…Like, right now. Seriously.

You may have already heard about Marination (they’re pretty big out on these streets), best known for their food truck (aka Big Blue) that travels around to different parts of Seattle, depending on the day. Being that I visit Hawaii often, am an Islander and love food - it is shocking that I haven’t visited the food truck, or their location on Cap Hill. Whenever the opportunity to eat there came up, something always ruined the plan. And then I heard they were opening shop smack dab in the middle of my hood - West Seattle. Nothing was going to stop me for finally tasting the hawaiian goodness that I’ve forever heard about. 

And I can say with full confidence, nothing will ever stop me from going back. A couple times. Like… a couple times a week. Ok. Maybe twice a day. I mean, they serve breakfast (my favorite meal), lunch & dinner. Totally okay to go twice in a day. Don’t judge me.

I stopped by there yesterday and was greeted by friendly faces (one of whom I know - Shoutout to Brody working the register!) - and as much as I love food, I love good customer service too & Marination Ma Kai definitely has the full package deal.

I ordered Hawaiian Mac Salad & the Miso Ginger Chicken Taco Salad. *Currently trying not to drool.

Here’s a close up of that Mac Salad. Seriously people - heaven. And yeah, that’s Spam! LONG LIVE SPAM!

As you may know, I’m a born & raised & still living & will probably always live here West Seattleite … and this view is NEVER old to me. And quadruple points for Marination Ma Kai, because this is your view when you eat there.

And probably one of my favorite things about this place is, you’re not breaking the bank. They offer quality and flavorful food for a good deal.

Mahalo Marination for the yummy experience.. be prepared to have a regular :)

Name: Marination Ma Kai // Location: Alki

ps. one more thing. pretty soon here, they’re going to start servin’ up their sno-cones. yes. hawaiian shave ice. oh my laaaawd. 

food blogging, m.i.a.

hello readers, followers, accidental stumble-upon’ers, etc.

just wanted to quickly apologize for the lack of food posts. i just recently started school, re-painted my bedroom (still in progress), am house sitting & working 3 jobs. kind of hard to squeeze in a lot of blogging time, well, that and going out to eat time.

but fear not… i have not lost my love for food, nor my love for blogging! so hold onto your horses, because soon & very soon, this girl will be back at it!

eat well my friends,

xo anthea

Captain G’s Ottoman

Turkish heaven… found in a little hole in the wall, in Burien.

After a long studying session at Burien Press (check it out - their coffee is pretty good, cute shop & free drip refills - I’m all about drip coffee) with my dear friend Elisa (you’ll probably read about her often, we normally eat out together), we decided we were hungry. Thank God for the trusty Yelp app - I tapped restaurants near by, and Captain G’s was one of the first ones to come up - with 5 stars. Can’t beat that.

When we got there, I think we both said, “Awww..” because of it’s cuteness factor. Amongst the “Burien buildings” (and if you’ve ever been to B-Town, you probably understand what I mean), sat this cute little shop.. so, Europe-y. (I like to make up words) I all of a sudden forgot I was in Burien.

And then I met the shop owner and fell in love with this sweet man! Captain G runs the shop, makes the food and entertains all at the same time. Elisa & I sat down for lunch and Captain G came outside and talked with us. Such a great person… and hey, he makes great food too! A win, win!

We ordered the Chicken Kebab and it was enough for the both of us. The spices were AMAZING. That salad - to die for. The chicken & pita… SO good. I will definitely be coming back here - not only for the food, but because I also had a good overall experience. I’m all about supporting local restaurants, and even more so when the owners take time to get to know their customers. Thank you Gencay! (Captain G’s real name)

Name: Captain G’s Ottaman Kitchen // Location: Old Town Burien

Sunny Days + Pulled Pork = A “Duh!” Combo.

"Suns out, guns out."

And that saying has nothing to do with this post, I just really like it. Anywho…

Summer has decided to stick around a lot longer than we Washingtonians expected. And as long as its doing so, why not have a good summer lunch with that sunshine? Pulled pork, slaw & fries are my ideal summer meal. Or at least, one of them. (Let a girl have more than one favorite, hah!) 

On Thursdays & most Fridays, I nanny a cute little guy named Jasper, or sometimes we like to call him Baby J. Today we visited his mom at U Village for lunch and decided to walk over to Grace Kitchen. I can’t say much about the atmosphere inside because Molly, J & I took full advantage of the weather & perched ourselves on their outside patio. But what I can say is - That pulled pork sandwich was excellent AND they serve Stumptown coffee. Badaboom, badabang

Molly & I split the sandwich and this salad; we didn’t have any of the sandwich leftover, and both left feeling satisfied - but we did have a lot of the salad left. Sad to say it, but it wasn’t our favorite. We ordered the goat cheese & beet salad & it was literally just that. Cheese + Beets + Greens. Not the most flavorful salad in the world, but the sandwich, luckily, made up for its lack. 

Here are my cute lunch dates! Molly & Baby J eating fries. 

Overall, I enjoyed Grace Kitchen. I was looking over their breakfast & brunch menu - and it looks pretty good. I’m a HUGE breakfast fan, so I will be heading back there for their bacon pancakes (yep - bacon!) or their goat cheese, spinach & roasted tomato scramble (served with cheesy grits & toast). Good, right?! 

So if you ever find yourself in the U Village & just need a good sandwich, head over to Grace Kitchen. They’ve got what you need! 

Name: Grace Kitchen // Location: University Village 

The Hangar Cafe

A deadly {& I say that in the best sense of the word} combination.

Waffle + Maple Syrup + Brie + Basil + Bacon . Yeah, baby. 

Thank you Hangar Cafe for your amazing creation. I love it. It’s seriously my favorite waffle combination to date. I don’t know if I’m quite comfortable with thanking you for all the extra long workout sessions I’ve had to have due to this wonderful plate of awesomeness … but I guess, wait, scratch that - I know that it’s worth every bite. 

If you’ve never been to Hangar - you’re in for a treat! Literally. They’ve got yummy savory/sweet crepes, delicious breakfast foods, salads & great sandwich combos. Their drink menu is pretty sweet too! (Try their mimosas! YUM). Oh.. and not to mention, jolly ranchers upon your departure. Who doesn’t love jolly ranchers?! 

Name: Hangar Cafe // Location: Georgetown, Seattle 

A New Adventure.

The day has come where I have finally given in to the pressure of all my faithful Instagram followers. Whenever my Instagram comes up in conversation, everyone talks about the food I had that day. Breakfast, lunch & dinner. Most of the time, I think people are making fun, but I just decide to look at is as, they’re really just jealous because they chose to have lame food. Not my problem ;) 

So, that’s just a little sneak peak of my Instagram feed - can you spot all the posts related to food/drinks? Now you know why a couple of my friends have asked if I would ever consider becoming a food critic/blogger. 

And so, here I go. I’m seeing this as my new adventure to bringing you guys some great food from some pretty awesome places. Like it says over there on the right side, the “rules” are simple:

I post a certain meal/drink/goodie/etc. When/If you ever go to the place it came from, order the food (or something else that may have caught your eye). Then tell them about how you found out about their place - “a tumblr called 206 Grubbin. And that’s it folks. That is all I ask. (Well, besides the obvious - tell your friends about where you’re finding all the good eats in Seattle at! And also, message me if you’d like to guest post on here or if you have any food suggestions! I would love that!)

From one human being who needs good food to live, to another - Happy grubbin!

Xo, Anthea 

Fonte; Where have you been my whole life?

Say hello to my new favorite coffee spot in Downtown Seattle. I mean, I am a die hard fan of Seattle Coffee Works (shoutout to Ponch!) but I can’t get over the tasty “fancy-schmancy” lattes Fonte has to offer me + the relaxing atmosphere. My friend & I were walking towards a different coffee shop, when this little chalkboard sign caught our eyes! She read “carmelly sage latte” & my eyes immediately widened when reading, “cozy amber spice latte.” 

We for sure didn’t pass up these gems. 

And thank God we didn’t. Delicious.

And while I was drinking my latte on their outdoor patio, I felt “fancy-schmancy.”

My coffee wasn’t burnt. It was the right amount of sweet. And it didn’t leave me feeling broke ; yes people - there is such a thing as a delicious, cheap latte in the city!

Thank you Fonte for making all my coffee dreams come true. Xo.

{please forgive me sipping my whole latte down before i could get a picture. trust me, the latte art was grade a beautiful.}

Name: Fonte // Location : 1st & Union

The Pavo Diablo.

Well, hello there you good lookin’ sandwich. Let’s see here:

Fresh spinach, avocado, roasted poblano peppers, spicy aioli, turkey, cilantro & havarti tucked neatly in between two slices of sourdough bread. 

Yeah. It’s okay you’re drooling a little bit. It’s understandable. Delicatus  is definitely a favorite sandwich place of mine. It’s hard for your nose miss this Pioneer Square deli; the smells that wafts from Delicatus are crazy good. 

{& it helps that they have a great staff behind the counter. good food & people? yes please!}

Delicatus, [del-i-kot-uhs] Latin, adj.: delicate, alluring, delightful pleasing; also (especially regarding a person)overly luxurious. German: root for Delikatessen: 1. Prepared cooked meats, fish, cheeses, salads, etc. 2. A shop where such foods are sold.

go get yourself a sandwich! 

Name : Delicatus // Location : 1st & Yesler